Axis P1280-E Thermal Network Camera

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  • Axis P1280-E Thermal Network Camera
  • Axis P1280-E Thermal Network Camera


When you need reliable detection any time of the day or night, AXIS P1280-E Thermal Network Camera delivers. And it gives you great value for money. 

Thermal detection within reach

AXIS P1280-E delivers all the benefits of thermal detection at a price that’s within reach. Thanks to built-in analytics – or advanced analytics from our partners or Axis – it reliably detects people, vehicles and objects regardless of light conditions or attempts at camouflage. It can be used as a cost-effective detector with visual confirmation for safety of both people and property in numerous environments. It also helps to decrease false alarms.

Where privacy is paramount

AXIS P1280-E can be used as a sensor to avoid compromising privacy, for example schools and care homes – thermal imaging detects incidents without revealing personal details of the people in the image. Together with analytics the thermal camera can trigger alerts or alarms in response to patient or resident falls, allowing staff to take immediate action. In addition, AXIS P1280-E can be used inside and outside buildings to identify unauthorized access before, during or after certain hours.


Flexible and discreet

AXIS P1280-E is small in size and extremely discreet. Mount it behind surfaces, in recesses, on walls or inside a bullet-shaped accessory – whichever best suits your requirements. There are accessories available for every kind of installation.

A video analytics powerhouse

AXIS P1280-E’s powerful processor lets you add the strength of the market’s widest selection of video analytics solutions to your surveillance solution. For example, video analytics applications from our partners support swift and appropriate response to detected events by analyzing them, automatically dismissing non-threatening ones and instantly notifying security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then view sharp, detailed footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly.

- Reliable and budget-friendly detection
- Thermal technology for low rate of false alarm
- Functional and highly discreet design
- For indoors and outdoors

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