Axis S1032 Camera Station Recorder

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Discontinued. Replaced by S1032 MK II
AXIS Camera Station S1032 Recorder is an out-of-the box ready rack server optimized for reliable High Definition surveillance. AXIS S1032 is preloaded with all necessary software and preconfigured to minimize installation time. Completed with cameras from Axis wide product portfolio, screens and a desktop terminal it forms a plug and play solution for mid-sized installations where active surveillance is needed.

Out-of-the-box ready
AXIS S1032 is designed for quick installation in server rooms. The recorder is preloaded with AXIS Camera Station video management software, 32-channel licenses and other necessary system software. System settings such as camera and storage configurations are preconfigured to further simplify system setup.

Maximum reliability
Hardware components and storage capacity are optimized to meet the demands for reliable high-definition surveillance. To further safeguard system uptime the server has redundant hard-discs and power supplies. The package includes three-year hardware and software support.

AXIS Camera Station for effective surveillance
AXIS Camera Station offers an intuitive user interface providing all necessary features for effective surveillance such as flexible live-view layout, site maps, powerful event configuration, efficient alarm management and responsive PTZ control. Quick investigation and retrieval of evidence for safe and secure export is enabled by intuitive timeline visualization and an efficient video search.

More features
All server models are easily scalable with AXIS Camera Station licenses and verified to manage additional channels.

*AXIS S1032 is scalable up to 48 channels*
*Server optimized for 1080p, H.264 Streams at 15fps (24 MByte per second)*
- Ease of installation
- Preconfigured
- Optimized hardware
- High Definition surveillance
- Extensive support
- AXIS 32-ch Camera Station included
- 9TB Storage Included

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