Axis S9001 Camera Station Desktop Terminal

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AXIS Camera Station S9001 Desktop Terminal is a complement to AXIS S1032 or AXIS S1048 recorders to enable quick set-up of a surveillance workstation. The terminal is preloaded with an AXIS Camera Station client and preconfigured to minimize installation time.

Out-of-the-box ready
AXIS S9001 is designed for quick installation. The terminal is preloaded with all necessary software including AXIS Camera Station video management software client to enable quick connection to the server. System settings such as camera and storage configurations are preconfigured to further simplify system setup. AXIS S9001 supports multiple monitors for optimal overview. International keyboard and computer mouse are included.

Maximum reliability
Hardware components and storage capacity are optimized to meet the demands for reliable high-definition surveillance. To further safeguard system uptime the server has redundant hard-discs and power supplies. The package includes three-year hardware and software support.

AXIS Camera Station for effective surveillance
AXIS Camera Station offers an intuitive user interface providing all necessary features for effective surveillance such as flexible live-view layout, site maps, powerful event configuration, efficient alarm management and responsive PTZ control. Quick investigation and retrieval of evidence for safe and secure export is enabled by intuitive timeline visualization and an efficient video search.

*AXIS Camera Station S9001 Desktop Terminal is available as an option to complete server installations with AXIS S1032 and AXIS S1048*
- Ease of installation
- Preconfigured
- Optimized hardware
- High Definition surveillance
- Extensive support
- AXIS Camera Station included

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