AXIS T94S01P Conduit Back Box



Designed for a wide range of Axis network cameras, AXIS T94S01P Conduit Back Box is outdoor-ready and impact resistant (IK10+) with an ingress-protected compartment for secure storage of connectivity devices. AXIS T94S01P enables both camera and connectivity device to be safely mounted at the same point, without need for extra cabinet installation (even directly onto junction boxes). The finished installation is both aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand challenging outdoor conditions.

It’s carefully designed to store for example an IP-over-COAX adapter to re-use legacy cabling or a network cable coupler to bridge between rigid and flexible network cables.

- IP66/IP67 storage compartment for connectivity devices
- Impact resistant (IK10+) against vandalism attempts
- ¾ “ / M25 conduit interface from both side and back
- Compatible with a wide range of Axis network cameras

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