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Dotworkz manufacturers a very unique style of outdoor housings for IP PTZ cameras. The shape itself is rather interesting, however extremely functional. Within the Dotworkz D2 housing you will find an abundance of additional space for extra hardware such as wireless gear or switching. Dotworkz also makes installation much easier by offering the 110vac option straight into their housings and splits off the proper power for your camera. Dotworkz offers many styles of housings based on your environmental requirements and location. The "Ring of Fire" D2 housing is designed for extreme cold environments and the "CoolDome" for extremely hot environments. Also, Dotworkz has a regular D2 with Heater and Blower. If you are unsure which housing would be right for your camera we are just a phone call away and will be happy to help in your design 866-448-3066. We are here to help!