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My Camera Server


Why hosted video?

A hosted monitoring and recording system is centrally managed and distributed to you by MyCameraServer.

Don't have time, money or staff to manage and maintain a video surveillance solution? Let our hosted video surveillance software solution handle those requirements and put your mind at ease.

With an Internet connection and an Axis camera as the only requirements, you can enjoy a trouble-free monitoring solution over the Internet.

  • Live view, recordings and notifications directly in your browser – IE, Firefox, Safari (Mac)
  • No need for system software or maintaining an onsite server appliance.
  • Maintenance and storage handled by MyCameraServer.

By outsourcing much of the hardware and all of the software, you cut the complexities you often face with a traditional client-server installation. Hosted video limits your investment to the cameras and an Internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring station locally. MyCameraServer will completely manage system maintenance, as well as storage of recorded data.

Perfect for Smaller independent businesses, offices, retail shops, hotels and restaurants in multiple locations

QUESTION: So what about Router/Firewall Settings, Port Forwarding and Software Setup/Config?

ANSWER: Everything is taken care of by MyCameraServer. We ship you a camera that is fully setup and ready to connect to MyCameraServer. The moment it receives an internet connection from your network it is connected to our secure servers and all ready to go. Simply login to the system with provided credentials to view your live video and recorded archives. Extremely simple and super efficient.

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