Axis P55 PTZ Series

Axis P55 PTZ Series

Axis Communication P55 Series PTZ IP Cameras

Reliable surveillance with advanced pan/tilt/zoom capabilities

AXIS P55 PTZ Dome Series consists of cost-effective, advanced indoor and outdoor-ready PTZ domes. They provide full frame rate video in resolutions up to HDTV 720p and with optical zoom up to 29x.

In addition, the unique AXIS P5544 PTZ Dome Network Camera with Panopsis technology provides a 360° field of view that covers more than 950 m² (10,000 sq. ft.)—more than the size of three tennis courts—enabling panoramic views not only for security purposes, but also for crowd, flow and queue management.

Indoor and outdoor applications

The cameras enable surveillance of a large area and great details when zooming in. With quick and reliable installation features, the cameras are ideal for stores, banks, warehouses, parking lots, airports and train stations, as well as city and perimeter surveillance.

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