VideoInsight 7 - Enterprise Server License

  • Video Insight 7 Enterprise Server License
  • VideoInsight 7 - Enterprise Server License
  • VideoInsight 7 - Enterprise Server License
  • Decentralized Design
  • Video Insight 7 VI Monitor Plus


New installations of Video Insight software of (32) cameras/licenses or more will require an Enterprise Server License, UNLESS your NVR is manufactured by Video Insight. This Enterprise Server License is IN ADDITION to any required camera licensing. Any camera brand other than Advidia or Panasonic will need individual camera licenses. For a completely FREE Video insight licensed server of (9) cams or greater, you must use a Video Insight NVR, and all Advidia and/or Panasonic Cameras. Any off-the-shelf Server that will be used to manage (32) cameras or more will require this license. The "Unlimited" attribute of this product only refers to Software Update Plan. You will have an Unlimited amount of time, or a non expiring Update Plan which allows you to receive Support and download updates to the software, for the life of the software. "Unlimited" has no implication of Camera Count or Licensing, and it purely meant to describe the unlimited amount of time frame the Update Plan is good for.  Please call us with any questions, 866-448-3066**
Video Insight Enterprise Server Software License (unlimited cameras) bundled with PC/Server purchase: Includes unlimited SUP (Software Upgrade Program) for all updates and major software releases. This software is U.S. origin and is subject to the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.





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