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VideoInsight Enterprise Video Management Software Version 6 - Unlimited Support


Product Description

Video Insight Overview
Video Insight is a powerful, yet easy-to-use video management software that allows organizations in education, law enforcement, healthcare, commercial, and transportation the ability to deploy a customized and robust video surveillance system. With support for over 2,500 camera models, a variety of encoders, virtualization, centralization, and integration with the most popular access control systems, the Video Insight solution provides a wide range of benefits to meet all of your organization's security demands.

Enterprise VMS features you love at no extra cost
Health Monitor, Video Wall, automated failover, unlimited clients and users, Active Directory / LDAP integration - all at no extra cost

Pure 64-bit - more cameras per single server
Our new 64-bit client provides unparalleled scalability and performance. Add one camera or hundreds anywhere on the network or across the entire organization, regardless of geographic location.

Simple and easy to use
A left navigation tree structure provides easy and simple navigation between locations (servers) and cameras. Navigate through custom layouts and facility maps, without requiring major training or support.

Wide range of supported cameras

Video Insight v6 supports over 2,500 camera models from more than 100 manufacturers - Full Supported Camera List

Make the most of your legacy systems
We provide easy integration with existing systems, including access control and building management. Our robust SDK and API make it easy to maintain a single interface and manage all systems from a centralized console.

Surveillance Anywhere
Video Insight allows you to monitor your system remotely with our free app for Apple and Android devices. Reduce response time by viewing live and recorded video from anywhere.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than any other VMS

Affordability, flexibility, and a simple licensing model are what set Video Insight apart from the rest - we provide the most cost-effective enterprise class VMS solution on the market.

Peace of mind with our Customer Assurance Plan (CAP)
What good is your current surveillance system if cameras are down and you don't know it? Our Customer Assurance Plan (CAP) provides proactive monitoring and diagnostics to ensure you are never in the dark. Receive notifications upon failure and get the assistance needed to solve the problem - this even includes replacement of cameras that were purchased from Video Insight
  • Camera Support
    • Support for 2500 camera models from 100 manufacturers
    • Supports Megapixel cameras up to 10 megapixels including live and recorded zoom
    • New Universal camera driver supports most other cameras with HTTP or RTSP connections
    • Supports motion detection at the camera level and server level
    • Scalable to over 100 cameras per server and unlimited servers
    • Multi resolution support
    • Supports H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4, and Wavelet based compression
    • Automated camera discovery
    • Centralized camera management
    • Audio and DIO inputs
  • Live Video
    • Full featured Windows,Web, Smart Phone and PDA Clients
    • Requires little or no end user training
    • Centralized viewing of live and recorded images from any client
    • Quickly navigate between cameras from any server using standard windows explorer tree structure
    • Unlimited users can view live and recorded video simultaneously
    • Digital zoom on any image with mouse click
    • High resolution DirectShow live display
    • Centrally stored customized layouts with camera sequencing that can pull cameras from multiple servers on the same display
    • Live and Recorded Audio
    • Camera touring
    • Integrated multi-layered facilities maps provide an overview of camera placement for quick access
    • Facility map setup requires no programming; simply import jpegs or Gif's and drag and drop cameras
    • High speed viewing over web interface via streaming MPEG4
    • Privacy zones on live and recorded video
    • Cycle cameras
    • Supports an unlimited number of PTZ presets and cycling through presets
    • PTZ Panning
    • Axis PTZ Joystick Control
    • Digital PTZ Option
    • Motion Zone labels
    • Up to 30 fps per camera
    • Hide all menus from users
    • Web Client supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
    • PDA support for Windows CE, and Opera Mini allows live, recorded, and PTZ control
    • Web client supports video streams from JPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 cameras
    • Support for Video walls via Axis Video decoder
  • Recorded Video
    • Motion activated recording for JPEG, MPEG4, and H.264 cameras with sensitivity and privacy zones
    • Record always, on motion, on a schedule or on a trigger basis
    • Motion activated recording supports an unlimited number of Motion Zones that each have unique sensitivity settings.
    • Watermark recorded video to identify tampering
    • Intuitive play, pause, and rewind functionality
    • Frame by frame or variable play back speeds
    • Motion Event logs allow quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events
    • Timeline search of motion events
    • Synchronized playback of multiple cameras
    • Two Click process to create an AVI file to export to CD
    • Consistent date/timestamp on all recorded images
    • Option to see last 30 seconds of recording via mouse select
    • Larger buffer playback for easy scrolling after download
    • Progressive download speeds video retrieval over slow speed connection
    • Recorded frame rates changes can be triggered by motion or alarm events
    • Automatically manages files and disk space to ensure continuous recording
    • AVI Format is compatible with all major media players
    • Customizable by camera pre and post motion buffers
    • Zoom and view recorded video
    • 70% storage reduction when using JPEG with our transcoding technology
    • Video can be saved in cameras native format of JPEG, MPEG4 or H.264
  • Multi Location support
    • View live and recorded video from multiple locations in a single display
    • Monitor Station provides centralized configuration for all servers and cameras
    • Hybrid integration with the Video Insight analog cards for support of analog cameras without video servers
    • Customizable layouts can include cameras from multiple locations
    • Multi level facility maps make it easy to pick locations and facilities using a graphical representation
    • No extra licensing cost per multiple viewers
    • Unlimited servers and cameras
    • Health Monitor ensures all servers and cameras are operational
    • Detailed information about each camera including phone numbers to call in case of an event
  • Audio
    • Synchronized audio with playback
    • Buffer audio in low speed environments
    • Review recorded audio from any server
  • Automation Features
    • Easy to use automation tools allow the system to take actions after an event.
    • Rules manager for setting up trigger events and resulting actions
      • Triggers include any combination of alarm inputs, motion detection, schedules, Software Development Kit (SDK), TCP/IP inputs
      • Resulting actions can include change camera settings, cycle spot monitor, change frame rates, email custom message, email AVI clip, move PTZ cameras to presets, record with audio, switch camera.
    • Email notifications
      • With attached video images on motion and alarm activation
      • On operational interruption due to camera or server malfunction
      • On recording storage exceeded
      • On systems errors
      • On disabled recording
    • Automatic upgrade of Monitor Station upon startup
    • Dynamic add and removing of cameras to the servers
  • Storage
    • Supports external storage devices including servers, NAS, and SAN
    • Recordings from each camera can be stored on different devices
    • By default will use all available disk space and overwrite the oldest files
    • Specify maximum days to store by camera
    • Specify maximum file size for each camera
    • Archive manager recompresses video, moves, and trims video, doubling storage capacity
    • Delete files after specified number of days
  • Security
    • Remove all Windows command including the Start button
    • Runs as a Windows Service
    • Integrates with Active Directory
    • Multi level security including server level, camera level and PTZ control
    • 5 user levels
    • PTZ control user priority
    • Support for SSL
    • Privacy Zones
    • Support for groups of users
    • Pass protected shutdown
    • Password protected user settings
    • Comprehensive log of all changes to system
    • Create clips with Watermarks
    • Ability to block IP addresses from connecting remotely or to only accept certain IP addresses
  • Technology
    • Proprietary transcoding technology saves up to 10X bandwidth and 3X storage
    • Developed in open technologies including .Net Support for WMV recording formats
    • Application runs as a Windows Service
    • High performance server based motion detection
    • Stores recordings to multiple data paths
    • Monitor Station recorded video playback only needs a single port open
    • SQL BasedIIS Load Balancing
      • Settings and event log stored in the SQL database
      • Microsoft SQL Server is automatically installed during setup included with the product
      • Multiple servers can share a single database
      • The SQL Server can be anywhere on the network
      • Backup database can be setup on a remote server
      • Easy integration with self explanatory tables and field names
    • Support for dynamic DNS
    • Easy integration with access control and other applications
    • Built for Windows XP, 2003 and 2008 Server
    • Full Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Single or multiple database support
    • System backup created in XML each time server is shut down.
  • Accessory Products
    • Health Monitor - Comprehensive remote monitoring of system status. Each server, on a customizable interval, can send an outbound message to the Health Monitor with operational statistics. The communication is only outbound from the server and will work behind firewall's without opening ports.
      • Monitoring options include System status, camera status, recording status, no video has been detected, low disk space
      • Notifications include;System runs as a Windows Service
        • Customizable levels of warnings: warnings and error messages depend on the severity of the condition
        • Quick dashboard view of the status of all servers and cameras
      • Access via the server or via the internet with a browser

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